Sunday, August 29, 2010

Portrait Series - Gippy The Hippy

For a friend Jim Stillman. He has a wonderful young grandson who he keeps in contact with through email. Jim invented this great character "Gippy the Pig" and sends videos and updates on what he is up to. Here we imagined "What if Gippy travelled back in time and found 'Grumpa' when he was hanging out at Woodstock in 1969?" Oh the conversations they must of had.

Self Portrait Series - More Monkeys...

If there is one thing I have learned in life it is "You can never have enough monkeys"

Portrait Series - Steve Horrocks (The Man)

I only wish I had the original base photo for this as reference (Suave White Haired Older Gentleman). One of the nicest guys you will ever meet, Steve Horrocks. Don't remember exact details but I think a congratulations for some normal everyday task like calibrating the copier. Just because it is routine, doesn't mean it isn't important. Thanks Steve for all you you do.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Self Portrait Series - Borat

Very Nice. Created for an email congratulating a former student Nicole Carafa on being hired to a full time position at JDK.

Portrait Series - The Captain and Tennille

I honestly can't remember what this was in response to, but at the time I must have thought it was appropriately hilarious. Co-workers Amy Witkop and Luke Yablonsky out in the Portland Oregon office transformed into the Power Duo of Daryl Dragon and Toni Tennille.

Shaun White = Carrot Top

JDK Associate Creative Director Cris Dibica sent out a email to the studio to gauge response to the Rolling Stone Cover featuring Olympic Gold Medalist Shaun White (on right). Having work with Burton Snowboards for years, I guess I still see Shaun as the little 12 year old redhead kicking everybody ass at the 2001 X-Games. My reaction was the the same as when I first saw the "new and improved" comedian Carrot Top. How to express it? Photoshop to the rescue.

Portrait Series - Creepy Marin Twins

This one was in response to a cryptic photo sent out by a co-worker. It was a childhood picture of one of our design directors Marin Horikawa. It turned out to be his birthday but there was no mention of this in the email, just the pic. Within seconds there were emails flying around with photoshopped tweaks of him holding a snowboard, going to the Olympics, on the Lost island, etc. My response was "This birthday thread is getting a little strange", and I submitted this portrait based on the nightmare inducing twins from The Shining.

Portrait Series - James "Pitt" Lindars

Another portrait created for the dart wall in Minority. It seems the douche-bag-o-the-week was Brad Pitt. Amazing how I can always find the perfect shot of James to photoshop onto existing pic.

Self Portrait Series - James Bond 007

This one is from a while ago when friends on facebook were creating their avatars based on dopplegangers (look-a-likes). I found a great site called which let you upload a photo of yourself and it would search celebrity database and try and find stars that look like you. I happy to see the ultimate gentleman spy Roger Moore as the closest match at 53%. Second closest match... Renee Zellweger???

Self Portrait Series - Shazam!

Noticing a superhero theme going on with a lot of my portraits lately. Here is a blast from the past. A show about a kid who travelled around in a sweet RV with a guy named "Mentor", talked to cartoon gods and turned into a superhero to help the less fortunate. Don't make shows like that anymore. This publicity shot featuring actor John Davey. Shazam was also played by Jackson Bostwick.