Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Self Portrait Series - Joe Dirt

Great movie.  Created this picture for an email to our HR team asking a question on how to donate the the United Way using payroll deduction.  This year we decided not to do a big campaign (Money is tight) but I felt that if the current situation is rough for us, imagine how hard it must be for the people who usually benefit from the donations made to the United Way.  As far as the email, of course I knew the answer, but I thought if I asked and CC: the studio, they can learn the answer and I snuck in a line in the email about what a great cause it was.  I titled the email "I ain't too smart"

Self Portrait Series - Journey

Had a tour coming through the studio the other day.  Usually I send out a message and remind everybody to act interesting.  Then I remembered it was "Journey Thursday".  No need to fake it.  Every week the design team cranks the classics.  Not unusual to have "Anyway You Want It" or "Don't Stop Believin" playing in the background of my weekly check in.  Got to love it.  Here is the shot I sent out with the email to remind them to stay as cool as they are.  Yikes!

Self Portrait Series - Tom Selleck

Did this picture as a demo for my Projects in Graphic Design class at Champlain College. With Magnum's stash - Looking a lot like my Pa.