Thursday, October 2, 2008

Portrait Series - Roberta Horrocks

Here is a little insight into how my brain works.  First, an email goes out to the studio about a controversy brewing over a couple of snowboard designs that the studio designed for Burton.
The "Love" graphics included Playboy centerfolds and was getting local responses like "I feel ashamed for Vermont" on  Second, internally the email flies around the studio with comments from Bert Horrocks ending on "The only problem is that Burton did not provide a companion line for us ladies, with some beefcake (Sawyer from Lost would do nicely, thanks)".  Third, I quickly find a shot of Bert, a cheesy picture of James Holloway, and an overtly sexy picture of snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler from FHM magazine. Fourth, Photoshop magic and the laughter commences...How could I resist.

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Anonymous said...

Coby, how did I miss this one hahahha. Loved it. Heid